Life Stories

Julie Roethler and Amy

Amy’s Story
Amy is a very caring person and she brings joy to lots of people.
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Ada’s Story
Our journey began on December 18, 1991 when Ada entered the world at 6 lbs 4 oz…
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Barb’s Story
Barb has a life now that she never knew was possible thanks to LifeWorks Community Services
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Molly’s Story
Molly is a happy go lucky young lady that is a pleasure to be around. Staff thoroughly enjoys having the opportunity to know and work with her.
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Judy’s Story
Judy enjoys living in her new home and is extremely proud that she is working at a local restaurant.
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David’s Story
At the ripe old age of five years, little David was admitted to Woodward State Hospital School. He was just a little boy, left in a big brick building with 200 other handicapped boys.
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