Molly’s Story

MollyMolly first became associated with LifeWorks in April 2005. She was living at home and a junior in high school. The school was looking for some vocational opportunities for Molly and referred her to LifeWorks for a work evaluation. Molly then continued her vocational skill development by attending LifeWorks as part of her school day during her senior year. Molly’s goals were to graduate from high school, get a job and move to her own place.
Following graduation Molly started working on a work crew through LifeWorks cleaning hotel rooms at a local hotel. Molly was a dependable, cooperative and very enjoyable co-worker. 

Spring of ’07 was a very exciting time for Molly. She moved into a home under the Home and Community Based Service program in Fort Dodge. She has three roommates and 24 hour staff support through LifeWorks. Molly adjusted to the move well and states ‘I love having my own bedroom. I get along well with my roommates. There is a lot to do in Fort Dodge.’ If this wasn’t enough Molly also had a new employment opportunity become available to her and she began working at a local fast food restaurant.  Molly is still employed and states ‘my job is fun and I like getting a paycheck.’

As you can see Molly has done very well developing her skills and reaching her goals. Molly enjoyed her first plane ride and a wonderful vacation to Disneyworld in Florida in March 2008. 

Molly is a happy go lucky young lady that is a pleasure to be around. Staff thoroughly enjoys having the opportunity to know and work with her.

Date written: May 1, 2008

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