Judy’s Story

JudyJudy began attending the Sheltered Training program at LifeWorks in November of 1978. While attending LifeWorks, Judy lived in her parental home. Judy has had a vocational goal of working in the Fort Dodge community for many years. In September of 2001, Judy moved into a home under the Home and Community Based Service program in Fort Dodge. Judy states that moving into the waiver home was the best thing she has ever done for herself. While at the waiver home, Judy had staff support available to help her with her independent living skills and in May of 2005, Judy had the opportunity to work on a work crew through LifeWorks vocational services at a local hotel in Fort Dodge.

With independent living skill supports in place and work experience on her resume, Judy eventually landed a job at a restaurant in Fort Dodge. Judy takes pride in the work that she does and is willing to do extra duties when asked.

Judy states “I learned a lot of things while in the LifeWorks Sheltered Training program that are connected to a job in the community, LifeWorks has helped me a lot and they got me the job I wanted–I like my job. I like the people I work with and I enjoy seeing people come into the restaurant. My job is challenging, but a lot of fun!”

Judy enjoys living in her new home and is extremely proud that she is working at a local restaurant.

Date written: May 1, 2008

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